Calibrated Tamper Repair

Calibrated Tamper Repair


We get it - our tampers are in use for years, sometimes in very demanding coffee-shop environments. Some we have repaired have seen 3-5 million shots (really)! Our repair program gets your tamper mechanism good-as-new. Keep your tamper out of landfill, and your shots precise, for years to come!

Price includes return shipping within North America. Depending on the condition of your tamper, we reserve the right to repair or replace it with a refurbished product of identical size/configuration. 

Once purchased, your next step is to ship your TAMPER to us insured against loss. Please include a copy of your purchase receipt in the package, so we can ensure you get your tamper properly and quickly!

If you are outside of Canada, please use our Global Store.

Please note that we cannot ship to P.O. boxes.

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